Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hoop, there it is!

Last week, I visited the hoop house at Windsor Crossing. Mr. Sanders had called to tell me that the plants were doing well, that I should come by and see it, that he was proud of the way the plants were flourishing. What he did not mention was that the plants were GOING BONKERS!

It was a veritable JUNGLE of tomato plants in there. Squash, tomatillos, cucumbers, chard, peppers. Even a few okra. Let me tell you, with some good soil, steady watering, and a little TLC, these plants were BURSTING with produce. We harvested a few large bowls of tomatoes and squash and cukes and brought them to Ms. Jacobs' office for her to distribute to the residents in the surrounding community. But Mr. Sanders and I agreed that those tomato plants needed a little more... guidance.

So I stopped by the hardware store for some strong twine, we borrowed a ladder, and returned -- along with Rodney (our other loyal garden helper, who it turns out loves growing things so much he's helping nearby Suitland Elementary start a school garden as well) and Jessica -- and yesterday we set to staking up the tomatoes.

It was hot and muddy work, but in the end, I think our plants will thrive. (My pants and shoes, on the other hand, might be goners.) Boy, oh, boy, we're going to have a LOT of ripe tomatoes soon!

Anyone for salsa??

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